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Celofixings and Celofasteners

Carrying out several projects for the CELO group, a world manufacturer of screws and fasteners that offer innovative high-end products.


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CELO Group

Celo is a brand dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-precision fixing and fastening solutions for the fields of industry and construction. They have an international presence on three continents: Europe, Asia and America.

About the project

Grupo Celo has many offices in different countries around the world and each of them has different products, depending on the country climate, types of construction, etc. Each of these offices must have an independent platform in its local language, but at the same time maintain the functionalities that are implemented globally, as well as the corporate image of the group.

In addition, integration with your PIM must be carried out so that the Prestashop platform must be adapted to manage information about products and references.

More than a partnership

After more than 7 years working together, we consider each of the projects, done and to be done, as our own, so we can say that we consider ourselves and are considered part of the CELO team.

Everything is not always perfect, but having a partnership where our pillars are sincerity, honesty and self-criticism, we are adjusting the processes so as not to make the same mistakes in the next project.

hanks to our close collaboration and involvement in their projects we have developed all their websites which we continue to improve and maintain. Together with the Celo team we have managed to overcome challenges such as the following: Custom Web Development and Design, Integration with PIM, Multisite / Multilanguage, Migration between versions of Prestashop, Consulting

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