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Central Médicos' sales soared 70% post-migrating to Prestashop in 2020, boosting UX and global reach.


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Central Médicos



About Central Médicos

Central Médicos is a company specializing in the sale of health, medical, and hospital products, exclusively online. As an authorized distributor of brands like 3M Littmann, they have established a significant presence in their sector.

Project Overview

In 2020, we undertook the migration of Central Médicos from OpenCommerce to Prestashop. This strategic move, bolstered by our status as Prestashop partners, resulted in a stunning sales increase of over 70%. Our partnership with Prestashop provided us with unique insights and capabilities, directly contributing to the successful migration and subsequent sales growth. We enhanced the user experience (UX) on both desktop and mobile devices, with crucial improvements in product and checkout pages leading to a higher conversion rate and a significant reduction in user bounce and abandonment rates.

Following this success, in November 2023, we updated the platform from version 1.7.6 to the latest 8.1 version. The results speak for themselves: another leap in conversion rates by 20%. This migration wasn't just a change; it was a leap into a new era of e-commerce efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The Next Step: Going Global

Capitalizing on this success, the next step for Central Médicos is international expansion. We are set to open a new store in Portugal, utilizing Prestashop's multi-store feature. This move will allow for a swift and efficient internationalization process, marking a new chapter in Central Médicos’ journey towards global reach.

Why Work With Us?

Our partnership with Prestashop isn't just a label; it's a commitment to excellence and innovation in e-commerce solutions. Working with us means leveraging this partnership for outstanding results, just like we achieved with Central Médicos.

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