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Gorgias Integration - Helpdesk - Prestashop SaaS module

Connect your Prestashop with Gorgias, the eCommerce helpdesk that turns your customer service into a profit center.


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Gorgias Integration - Helpdesk

Sync your PrestaShop store orders with Gorgias, an all-in-one helpdesk software for Ecommerce. It lets you access all your customer data, handle refunds, and create rules/macros for efficient customer support.

Our solution is based in the news Presashop SaaS modules, and you can try for free the first 7 days!!

Optimize Your Customer Experience with Our New Integration Module

At Blueant Solutions, we are passionate about connecting ecosystems and platforms, we are doing all the time for different clients, and this time, after a conversation with Gorgias, and also with Prestashop collaboration, we have created an integration between both systems. Introducing our first version of the integration module, designed for Prestashop store owners like you.

Why is our module crucial for your business?

In the world of e-commerce, every second counts, and Gorgias service will improve your customer service.

With our module, you can seamlessly integrate your Prestashop orders with the Gorgias platform. This not only improves the initial response time and ticket response time by having all the information a support agent needs at their fingertips but also increases customer satisfaction and reduces support agent resource costs.

Key Benefits of Our Module:

- Improved Response Time: Connectin your Prestashop store to Gorgias throw our module, it will optimizes response times, ensuring your customers receive the attention they deserve in the shortest time possible.

- Comprehensive and Accessible Information: All the information your support agents need will be centralized and easily accessible, enabling them to provide quick and accurate solutions.

- Increased Customer Satisfaction: By providing fast and effective responses, your customers will be more satisfied, translating into loyalty and repeat sales.

- Resource Optimization: We reduce resource costs for your support agents by making their work more efficient, allowing them to focus on meaningful customer interactions.

Join Us and Enhance Your Support Experience!

Don't let technical complexities hold you back. With our integration module, the connection between your Prestashop store and Gorgias is easy and hassle-free

Discover a world of possibilities with "Gorgias Integration - Helpdesk" PS Module!

Gorgias APP dev

To make this module works it was necessary to create an APP in Gorgias, which manages the data we receive from Prestashop ( this application is entirely free for Gorgias users and can be installed from Gorgias Dashboard). Please, feel free to read our user guides for installation:

Prestashop Module user guide here.

Gorgias APP installation user guide here.

Download from PS Addons hereGorgias APP here

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