Guava Backery

A Shopify store that offers the most delicious American desserts for the entire Spanish Peninsula.


Shopify, eCommerce, Custom Functionalities, Strategy


Guava Bakery




Guava Bakery trusted us to create their online store, and we opted for a Shopify store, in it you can find bakery products typical of American cuisine, its mission is to give the opportunity to enjoy these products throughout the Spanish territory.

About the project

Guava was clear that her store had to be, and is, a Shopify. They know that this platform and its ease of integration with third parties is what they needed to be able to connect both with shipping companies, as it is very important in their processes, and with their management system.
Our Shopify experts have helped them customize the checkout process, adding the calendar and giving them the flexibility Guava Bakery needs to manage possible delivery days.

In addition, we helped them understand all that the Shopify platform has to offer, as well as advised them on best practices to optimize their conversions.

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